Provision Safety and Storm Shelters installs underground safety and storm shelters that are made of the highest-quality steel with a high grade industrial rubberized coating. This protects your shelter from cracking, leaking, collapsing, mildewing, or mold. Set 12-inches below the surface, your shelter includes:

  • Rubberized, rust resistant exterior
  • Painted interior
  • Ventilation pipe
  • Stairs
  • 6-ton jack
Shelter Size Installed Price Capacity
4'x8' $5,952 8 persons
6'x8' $7,441  
8'x8' $8,538  
8'x10' $10,623 12 persons
8'x12' $13,824  

Note: These are estimated costs and may differ depending on location, equipment delivery, etc.
For larger sizes contact us for a quote.

Optional Features

  • Benches
  • Shelves
  • Hammock rings
  • Fold-down bunk beds
  • Deeper installation - up to 36 inches deep



Prices are subject to change depending on material cost and/or digging conditions.