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Underground Safety and Storm Shelters

Phone numberProvision Shelters is a family owned and operated business located in the Texas Hill Country. We provide an economical solution for your family’s storm-safety and storage needs with 10 gauge steel underground safety shelters. We also provide in home safe rooms fastened to your existing slab or added onto your home. These units are useful for emergency shelter during natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes and high winds. They can also double as storage for surplus food and water supplies. They make great firearm safes and provide much more storage per dollar than typical gun safes. A 4’x8’ Provision shelter costing $5,150 (installed price) has approximately the same cubic feet of storage as nine 30”x22”x60” gun safes costing $1000 each. Protect your valuables cost effectively in an out of the way – out of sight location that is resistant to moisture, fire, pests and thieves.

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The exterior is built using 10 gauge steel and has a rubberized coating to prevent rusting. The interior is painted white to reflect light. Each unit is equipped with stairs, hand rail and a 6 ton jack. There are more ways to customize your underground shelter. The installed shelters are completely below the surface of the ground with only the door and a ventilation pipe(s) visible. The door and ventilations pipe can be concealed and camouflaged with landscaping, out buildings and other yard items. This ensures your shelter is accessible yet undetected by people outside your family.

The standard unit sits 12 inches below the surface. A deep earth option is available up to 36” below the ground. This helps with temperature control and provides extra protection from surface threats similar to the fallout and bomb shelters of the WWII era. We recommend steel structures with high grade industrial rubberized coating. This protects your unit from cracks, mold, collapse, fire and moisture seepage thus protecting you and your valuables.

We recommend you make your shelter safe and comfortable for your family during a crisis by including emergency food and water, first aid, blankets, seating, waste containment and LED lighting. Our units can be equipped with shelves, benches, hammock rings and tables etc. Provision storm-safety-storage shelter sizes start at 4'x8' and can be ordered in sizes up to 10'x50' with all the comforts of home available.

We believe that these units are superior to any other storm shelter on the market. Concrete shelters are prone to cracking causing leaking and are often buried with a 3 foot mound sticking out of the ground causing landscaping problems. Fiberglass shelters can be crushed by heavy falling debris such as vehicles, trees, buildings, etc. By constructing our shelters using 10 gauge steel it makes sizes and options almost unlimited making a more economical solution for your safety and storage needs.


Safe Rooms
Our least expensive model of above ground safe rooms are also constructed using 10 gauge steel and come 4’x4’x7’. They include a bench, shelf and a peep hole. These units can be anchored to your existing slab or a small room built onto your home. These are ideal for people who may not be able to utilize stairs. This provides a good alternative for those with soil containing too much rock making excavation cost prohibitive. The above ground safe rooms can be constructed with heavier gauge steel and/or double walled and can be any size you prefer. This makes a great place for shelter during a storm as well as being useful as a walk-in gun safe or vault to store your valuables.

Wine Cellars
An underground Provision Safety and Storm Shelter could be used as a wine cellar providing a cool, dark place to store your wine collection. These cellars can be lined with wood and customized with wine racks, fixtures and lighting to match your tastes.

Provision Safety and Storm Shelters also offers cedar and other tree removal, land clearing and excavation work. Clearing your land of cedar will greatly reduce the threat of wildfire as well as provide more water retention for other desired vegetation. We provide other excavation services such as driveways, cattle guards, ditching, leveling, dirt and rock removal, etc. We will construct out buildings, barns, picnic tables, and other items to conceal your new Provision Safety-Storm Shelter.

Thank you for looking at Provision Safety and Storm Shelters. We look forward to serving you and your family.


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